George Michael’s New Video for Going to a Town

George Michael has released a new video for his single, “Going to a Town.” Unlike the “Let Her Down Easy” video, the video for “Going to a Town” is concert footage from the Symphonica tour.

“Going to a Town” was originally written and recorded by Rufus Wainwright and featured on his 2007 album Release the Stars. It is the second song to be released from the successful Symphonica CD.

2 thoughts on “George Michael’s New Video for Going to a Town

  1. Absolutely amazin George, listenin to this song Going to a town, and hearing your amazin voice and seeing u, i m completely overwhelmed and with tears in my eyes , only God knows how huge is my love for u, i love u beyond my existance, i m really at peace now knowin that u re well and strong

    I wish you an amazin EASTER and

    God Bless You

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