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Deluxe Fantastic and Make It Big on Blu-Ray

Besides the vinyl releases of Wham!’s Fantastic and Make It Big, Wham! will also be releasing deluxe editions of Fantastic and Make It Big on BluRay Audio.

Fantastic BluRay Audio includes:

Wham! Fantastic

Dolby Atmos & 96/24 Stereo

  1. Bad Boys
  2. A Ray of Sunshine
  3. Love Machine
  4. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?)
  5. A Ray of Sunshine (Instrumental Remix)
  6. Love Machine (Instrumental Remix)
  7. Club Tropicana
  8. Nothing Looks The Same in the Light
  9. Come On
  10. Young Guns (Go For It!)
  11. Nothing Looks The Same in the Light (Instrumental Remix) 

Bonus tracks in Dolby Atmos & Stereo

  1. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?) – single version 3.32
  2. Young Guns (Go For It) – single version 3.43
  3. Young Guns (Go For It) UK 12” mix 5.11
  4. Blue (Armed With Love) 3.56

 Bonus tracks in Stereo-only 

  1. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?) [Club Mix] 4.20
  2. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?) [Social Mix] 6.45
  3. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?) [Unsocial Mix] 6.38
  4. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?) [Special Club Remix] 3.05
  5. Young Guns (For For It) – Special US 12” Remix 6.53
  6. Going For It 4.39
  7. Bad Boys (12” Extended Club Mix) 4.58
  8. Bad Boys (instrumental) 3.21
  9. Club Tropicana (instrumental) 3.31
  10. Club Fantastic Megamix 3.57
Wham! Make It Big

Make It Big BluRay Audio includes:

Dolby Atmos & 96/24 Stereo

  1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 3.51
  2. Everything She Wants 5.03
  3. Heartbeat 4.44
  4. Like A Baby 4.15
  5. Freedom 5.02
  6. If You Were There 3.39
  7. Credit Card Baby 5.10
  8. Careless Whisper 6.32

Bonus tracks in Dolby Atmos & Stereo

  1. Careless Whisper (Single Version) 5.03
  2. Freedom (version from The Final) 5.20
  3. Last Christmas 4.26
  4. Everything She Wants (Remix edit) 5.30
  5. Freedom (Long Version) 7.09
  6. Last Christmas (Pudding Mix) 6.45
  7. Everything She Wants (Remix) 6.30
  8. I’m Your Man 4.07
  9. The Edge of Heaven 4.37
  10. Battlestations 5.31
  11. Where Did Your Heart Go? 5.50

Bonus tracks in stereo (only)

  1. A Ray of Sunshine (specially recorded for ‘The Tube’)
  2. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (instrumental) 4.02
  3. Freedom (instrumental) 5.10
  4. Last Christmas (Pudding Mix Edit) 4.47
  5. I’m Your Man (Extended Stimulation)
  6. Do It Right (Instrumental)
  7. I’m Your Man (Acappella)
  8. Blue (Recorded Live in China)
  9. I’m Your Man (version from Music From The Edge Of Heaven version)
  10. Wham! Rap ’86

These versions are currently only available through SDE Shop.


Wham! Documentary Nominated for BAFTA Awards

The Wham! documentary has been nominated for the BAFTA Awards in the documentary category.

The competition includes:

  • 20 Days in Mariupol
  • American Symphony
  • Beyond Utopia
  • Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

Will you be watching on Sunday, February 18, to find out if Wham! won best documentary? Let us know in the comments!

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Fantastic and Make It Big Vinyl Release

Amazon Ad

Fantastic (sponsored link) and Make It Big (sponsored link) will be released on vinyl on March 22, 2024. It’s the first time in more than 30 years that they have been released on vinyl.

According to Amazon, the track listing for Wham!’s Fantastic (sponsored link) is:

  1. Bad Boys
  2. A Ray of Sunshine
  3. Love Machine
  4. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?)
  5. Club Tropicana
  6. Nothing Looks the Same In the Light
  7. Come On!
  8. Young Guns (Go for It!)

Wham!’s first album, Fantastic debuted at #1 in the UK in 1983 and sold millions of copies worldwide. Fantastic is available on standard weight black vinyl.

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According to Amazon, the track listing for Wham!’s Make it Big (sponsored link) is:

  1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
  2. Everything She Wants
  3. Heartbeat
  4. Like a Baby
  5. Freedom
  6. If You Were There
  7. Credit Card Baby
  8. Careless Whisper

Wham!’s second album, Make It Big was released in 1984. It is available with the US cover on standard weight black vinyl.

Andrew Ridgeley said: “It’s a wonderful testament to the enduring nature of Wham!’s music that our legions of loyal fans and the younger cohorts of music fans desire to own the music in their original formats.”

George Michael Entertainment added: “We are delighted that these two classic albums are once again available on vinyl for a whole new generation to enjoy.”

Will you be buying Fantastic or Make It Big on vinyl? Let us know in the comments!

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George Michael Remembered One Year after His Death

“Melanie, did you hear? George Michael is dead!”

Shaking from head to toe in what must have been an adrenalin rush, I dashed to my computer. I don’t know why. The news came from Shannon who started this fan club back in 1986, so obviously it was true!

I have attempted, on various occasions, to write an article on what George Michael meant to me. What I’ve realized is that it would take my writing a book to be able to say everything I want to say.

The year that has followed George Michael’s death has been revealing to me on a very personal level.

Initially, I was struck by how few people understood what George Michael meant to me. Very few friends and family reached out to me.

George Michael was a part of my life for 33 years before his untimely death. My love of his music and writing is intrinsically linked to my friendship with Shannon.

Obviously, I take from this loss an understanding that life is short and you have to live your life in the moment. As a mother, I still struggle with this as there’s always a load of laundry or more homework to do.

Also, after George Michael’s death, it came to light how much money he gave to so many worthy causes. This did not surprise me in the least. I never met George Michael in real life, but I think this thoughtful, giving nature of his was why he had so many fans. It wasn’t just the beautiful music. It wasn’t just the heartfelt lyrics. It was that at his core George Michael was a warm, caring person, and that came across in his interviews.

So, yes, mourn the loss of George Michael today. Listen to his music, if you can. Remember concerts you attended. Read through the lyrics of your favorite songs. But, at the end of the day, see what you can give to someone less fortunate. Consider donating to George Michael’s favorite charities or donate to local charities.

George Michael lives on through his music, but he lives on through you as well.

Make a difference to those in need.

How did you celebrate George Michael’s life?


George Michael Tops UK albums chart

George Michael has once again topped the UK albums chart with the reissue of Listen Without Prejudice.

In 1990, when Listen Without Prejudice was first released, it topped the UK album charts as well. According to the BBC, “CD sales have collapsed in the meantime. In 1990 the album sold 423,577 copies to top the chart. This week, it shifted just 56,000 copies.”

The AFP reports:

David Austin, Michael’s manager, long-term collaborator and close friend since childhood, said the team behind the efforts were “incredibly proud” to have immediately topped the charts.

“It’s no great secret that George was a perfectionist and it shows, he was over everything from its inception to its finish and it’s a blessing and rare gift to be guided by such genius,” he added in a statement.

Billboard also reports:

Sony reissued Michael’s second solo album, now adding his 1996 MTV Unplugged show and the Nile Rodgers collaboration “Fantasy,” in the wake of Channel 4’s Oct. 16 broadcast of the new Freedom documentary. Last week, that show helped his Ladies & Gentlemen — The Best of George Michael compilation (Epic/Sony) to re-enter at No. 9. Another collection, Twenty Five, now climbs 61-21 and Older re-enters at No. 35.

Did you buy Listen Without Prejudice this week? Which version? Tell us in the comments below!

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George Michael: Freedom Reactions

Now that the dust has settled from all of the promotion of George Michael: Freedom, here are some of the reactions to this emotional documentary.

What did you think of George Michael: Freedom? Tell us in the comments below!


George Michael’s Final Interview

Mark your calendars! George Michael’s final interview will air on November 1 and November 8 on BBC Radio 2.

George Michael: The Red Line is a two-part interview of 60 minutes each.  It will be broadcast for the first time on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday, November 1, and Wednesday, November 8 at 10 p.m.

Kirsty Young interviewed George Michael as a part of the George Michael: Freedom documentary, which aired earlier this week in the UK.

After George’s death, it was decided that this, his final interview, should be released to the public.

The BBC article states:

Although it had never been the intention to broadcast their conversation in its entirety, following George’s untimely death only a few weeks later, it began to feel like something that should happen. In fact, as they parted, George said to Kirsty: “You should turn this into a radio programme.”

George Michael: The Red Line is his final interview, told in almost all it’s [sic] entirety with many of the personal asides left as they were.

Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2 says: “The Radio 2 listeners continue to love and remember George Michael and his music, and I’m glad that they will be able to hear his final, very special interview on the station.”

You can read more about it at George Michael’s final interview to be broadcast on BBC Radio 2.


George Michael Emoji on Twitter

Have you noticed when you type #GeorgeMichael on Twitter, you now see the George Michael emoji?

George Michael emoji

The emoji may only be on the desktop version of Twitter. (It doesn’t work on my phone, at least.)

Obviously, there is much happiness from the land of Twitter about our new emoji.

Check out the comments here:

What do you think of the George Michael emoji on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below.


Listen Without Prejudice Released Today

George Michael’s anniversary edition of Listen Without Prejudice was released today. It is technically in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the release of Listen Without Prejudice, although there were several delays, including George Michael’s death, that affected the release date.

The Deluxe version in the UK includes:

Disc: 1
1. Praying for Time
2. Freedom! ’90
3. They Won’t Go When I Go
4. Something to Save
5. Cowboys and Angels
6. Waiting for That Day – George Michael / The Rolling Stones
7. Mothers Pride
8. Heal the Pain
9. Soul Free
10. Waiting (Reprise)

Disc: 2
1. Freedom! ’90 (MTV Unplugged)
2. Fastlove – George Michael / Patrice Rushen (MTV Unplugged)
3. I Can’t Make You Love Me (MTV Unplugged)
4. Father Figure (MTV Unplugged)
5. You Have Been Loved (MTV Unplugged)
6. Everything She Wants (MTV Unplugged)
7. The Strangest Thing (MTV Unplugged)
8. Older (MTV Unplugged)
9. Star People (MTV Unplugged)
10. Praying for Time (MTV Unplugged)
11. Fantasy featuring Nile Rodgers(Via Download Code)

Disc: 3
1. Soul Free (Special Radio Edit)
2. Freedom! (Back To Reality Mix)
3. Freedom (Back To Reality Mix Edit)
4. Fantasy 90
5. Freedom (Edit)
6. Cowboys & Angels
7. If You Were My Woman
8. Too Funky (Edit)
9. Crazy Man Dance
10. Do You Really Want To Know
11. Happy
12. Too Funky (Extended)
13. Too Jazzy (Happy Mix)
14. Fantasy 98
15. George Michael with Paul McCartney – Heal The Pain
16. George Michael with Astrud Gilberto – Desafinado

Disc: 4
1. The Southbank Show 1990 (DVD Video)
2. Freedom! ’90 promo (DVD Video)
3. Praying For Time promo (DVD Video)
4. Freedom 90 MTV 10th Anniversary (DVD Video)

The CDs are available from our sponsors Amazon or  Amazon UK.

Did you buy the re-release of Listen Without Prejudice with all the extra goodies? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.


New and Yet Nostalgic Video for Fantasy

Even though we have a new video for “Fantasy” featuring Nile Rodgers, it’s nostalgic as well for George Michael fans.  The new video includes at least 19 previous George Michael videos, from “Wham Rap” to “Freeek.”

Also, the producers have been able to edit certain previous videos to make it appear that George is singing some of the lyrics.

“Fantasy” is taken from Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged and will be out October 20th. Please consider buying it from our sponsors Amazon or from Amazon UK.

What do you think of the new George Michael video for “Fantasy”?

How do you think George would feel about promoting his new song from beyond the grave?

Let us know in the comments below!


Clips from George Michael: Freedom

In promotion of “George Michael: Freedom,” a few new clips have been released.

The first clip includes previously unseen visuals from the filming of George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” video.

The second clip is the promo for Channel 4:

The third video includes Sir Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Cindy Crawford, and Ricky Gervais:

George Michael: Freedom is set to air on October 21 at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.

And don’t miss out on the lyric video for “Fantasy.”

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George Michael: Freedom on Showtime

“George Michael: Freedom” premieres on Saturday, October 21, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on-air, on demand and over the internet on Showtime.

The press release states, in part:

GEORGE MICHAEL: FREEDOM covers the span of his entire career, but concentrates on the formative period in the late Grammy Award winner’s life and career, leading up to and following the making of his acclaimed, best-selling album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1” and his subsequent, infamous High Court battle with his record label that followed, while also becoming poignantly personal about the death of his late partner and first love, Anselmo Feleppa.

Filmed before Michael’s untimely passing, the documentary is narrated by the singer, who was heavily involved in the making of the film that serves as his final work. GEORGE MICHAEL: FREEDOM features Michael’s incredible, unseen archival and private home footage, giving viewers a first-person account of this dramatic period in his life – revealing how he became one of the most influential recording artists of all time who alone fought a corner for all artists by challenging the standard recording contract helping to rewrite the rules of the music industry. He talks about why he stepped out of the limelight and turned his back on celebrity.

The feature documentary includes the original five supermodels from Oscar-nominated director David Fincher’s “Freedom! ’90” video – Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz and Linda Evangelista – who come together for the first time to discuss their experience on the iconic music video. The film also features interviews with some of Michaels’ most famous friends and music legends, including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Nile Rogers, Mark Ronson, Tracey Emin, Liam Gallagher, Mary J. Blige, Jean Paul Gaultier, James Corden and Tony Bennett.


Nile Rodgers’ Intriguing Message

Since the release of the new version of George Michael’s “Fantasy,” Nile Rodgers has been posting tidbits on Twitter.

One of the most intriguing is the following:

It also looks like David Austin was instrumental in getting “Fantasy” released for all of George Michael’s Lovelies to hear.

Here is one with which all George Michael fans would agree:

And here is one just for the George Michael fans out there:


George Michael’s Fantasy Remix

I have to admit I was conflicted when I heard the “new” George Michael song was “Fantasy.”

“Fantasy” is one of my favorite George Michael songs — maybe even my favorite of all time.

The song was updated by producer and musician Nile Rodgers.

The song was on the B-side “Freedom! ’90” originally.

On the plus side, it’s still George singing, but to be honest, the original was better.

“Fantasy” is taken from Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged and will be out October 20th. Please consider buying it from our sponsors Amazon or from Amazon UK.

Take a listen for yourself.

What did you think of the remix of “Fantasy”? Tell us in the comments below!


New George Michael Song Premieres September 7

As was hinted at yesterday in the letter from George’s family, a new, posthumous George Michael song will be released. The song will premiere on BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show with Chris Evans tomorrow morning (September 7). The statement reads:

“Sony Music proudly presents a single by the late George Michael. Tune in to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow, Thursday 7th September at 9am for the first play.’”

George was working on at least two songs before his untimely death on December 25, 2016.

One was with Nile Rodgers who said today on Twitter:

Niles Rodgers also retweeted:

Do you think George would have wanted this song released? Let us know in the comments section.


Letter from George Michael’s Family

George Michael’s sisters, Melanie and Yioda, have just posted a letter on George Michael’s official website

The letter starts off by saying they are still “struggling” with the loss of George, but “know we hear you, through your amazing and thoughtful messages and that you understand our loss, as we try to understand yours.”

The following appears to be positive news about the release of new material. The documentary, in particular, would be considered one of the projects George was working on. Melanie and Yioda write:

Our aim is to carry on, as we know Yog would have wanted, to share and enjoy his precious legacy and to continue to bring you joy – through his extraordinarily beautiful music.

David, along with Yogs loyal creative team, will continue bringing you all the projects they had been working so hard on for you, exactly as Yog would have wanted…

Please read the entire letter on the official site.


Bros Pay Tribute to George Michael

Matt and Luke Goss, of the duo Bros, will be paying tribute to friend George Michael at their two comeback shows at London’s O2 Arena on August 19 and 20.

Luke Goss is married to Shirley Lewis, long-time backing singer for George Michael.

“My wife was very close to him and in the first few years sung on every single,” Luke said. “So Matt and I had a discussion and Shirley thought it would be a lovely gesture and we both agreed on that.

“I miss him greatly, he was a beautiful man.”

Matt said: “We hope we do it justice. He was one of my favourite singers of all time and he had a big influence on me as a singer, so we’re going to be singing ‘Freedom.’

“It’s going to be a really beautiful moment and we’ve been rehearsing it and getting goosebumps in his honour and we want to raise the roof with that song in his honour.”

You can read more at Singing duo Bros to pay tribute to friend George Michael.

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Yours Only George Is Remaining Open

Yours Only George - Your Link to the George Michael WorldI have great news!

Yours Only George is going to remain open! As I wrote previously, I was contemplating closing the site because my web hosting fee had doubled and advertising revenue wasn’t even covering the old fee. Fortunately, I was able to find a new web host with a much lower annual fee. Yeah!  I still hope you continue to support our advertisers so that I may keep the site open indefinitely. YOU make a difference.

As I said before, it’s more difficult to update the site as there just isn’t as much news. I also have had a number of unsubscriptions to the mailing list lately.  I am trying my best to post only the most important stuff here, but I do understand that some people aren’t as interested in George Michael news now that dear George has left us.

I do regularly post links on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so make sure to follow those to get all the news.

Thanks for allowing me to run Yours Only George for the last 20 years!

Yours Only George


BET Awards Pay Tribute to George Michael

It was a pleasant surprise that the BET Awards paid tribute to George Michael on Sunday.

Kamasi Washington played saxophone while El Debarge sang “Careless Whisper” in tribute to George Michael at the 2017 BET Awards.

Reaction to the tribute has been mostly positive.


Happy Birthday, George Michael!

Today would have been George Michael’s 54th birthday. It is also the 6-month anniversary of his death. George died on Christmas day, December 25, 2016, at his home.

Here is just a small sampling of those celebrating the life of George Michael and his music.

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